Photographs of Field

I saw pictures of Field on the covers of national newspapers and on the BBC website and had to go and see it for myself. This exhibit by Richard Box, artist in residence at the Physics department of Bristol University, consisted of over 1300 fluorescent tubes planted in the ground below high voltage power cables. The tubes picked up the electrical field from the cables and emitted a dim glow which could only be seen in the dark.

We decided to visit on Thursday the 26th of February and as we approached the site we ran into a blizzard which rapidly laid down a good covering of snow. When we arrived the artist was eager to see how the installation would look in the snow.

As the sun went down the snow thinned and finally stopped. The clouds to the West parted a little as the sun set; it could hardly have been conceived better.

In the first picture the tubes can just be seen, dark against the snow, just below the horizontal on the right of the picture, click the large image to get a big version in a new window.

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