Bikes at Goodwood 2002

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Moto Guzzi V8

Sammy Miller was riding the Guzzi V8, it is on loan from the Guzzi Museum.

A 823k MP3 file of it being warmed through then ridden away in the paddock.
Guzzi V8
Going past it sounded like this: 95k MP3
Sammy Miller on Guzzi V8

Ducati 1972 Imola racer

Paul Smart brought along his Imola 200 winning Ducati is in almost exactly the state it finished the race in apart from a little wear and tear. He didn't run it on the Friday and when I asked him if he would take it out on Saturday he pleaded old age for himself and the bike. When the bikes came out on Saturday he was however amongst them.

I caught this snippet of him passing: 52K MP3
Paul Smart
The Imola winning bike in the paddock, note the Apolloin the background.
The '72 Imola winner

Hailwood NCR 900 Ducati

Steve Wynne brought his Hailwood NCR Ducati. Steve prepared the bike onwhich Hailwood came back from retirement to win the 1978 Formula 1 TT.

Warming up in the paddock 826k MP3      Hailwood NCR
Hailwood NCR
Wynne on NCR
NCR and Mono

Ducati Apollo

This V4 prototype was built as an attempt to capture some of the US police market at the request of the US importers Berliner.

A long (slightly edited) recordingof it starting and warming up and proving that the horn works. 826k MP3
Ducati Apollo
Going past on a display run riddenby Ian Kerr in police jacket and helmet.
You can mostly just hear the announcer as the bike itself is so quiet. 204k MP3
Apollo on track
Ducati Apoloo front
Apollo on track detail

Ducati Museum Exhibits

The 500 GP bike from 1972
Ducati 500 GP
The Bipantah V4 experimental rig
bipantah engine test rig
The new MotoGP Prototype
MotoGP prototype

National Motorcycle Museum

The NMM brought along some British racers.

  A rocket 3, Norton Rotary, Slippery Sam anda Daytona based GP racer.
NMM bikes
Mick Grant on Slippery Sam
Mick Grant on Slippery Sam
The 1991 Senior TT winning Norton NRS588 with TrevorNation on board.
Norton rotary

Last but not Least

Agostina on the MV 500/3 on which he won at Monzain 1966
Ago on MV
Stuart Easton on the Ducati 250 twin GP machine builtfor Mike Hailwood
Ducati 250 twin