A couple of MV Agusta singles.

In may 1997 an advert which listed a couple of MV Agusta singles was spotted in a classic bike magazine. The phone number was no longer valid but after some hunting around a friend and I tracked them down and we bought them.

Both are mostly complete but in need of restoration. They lack the original silencers and need new seats, if anyone can help with these items please let me know.

TR 125

This bike is from 1957 or 1958 depending on which engine stamping you believe. It is fitted with an unusual looking carburettor with a horizontal slide.

150 GT

The rocker cover on this one is dated 10 61, the valve spring retainers are dated 9 61. Having checked the bore and compared it with an owners' handbook it is a 150 GT. You can make out the less faded area on the tank where the world championship scroll and banners were, it must have been one of the last models to get the fancy banners rather than the later box of stars.

Many of the parts seem slightly higher spec than the TR, little things like the brake arm on the rear drum being an alloy casting. The original seat is in a very sorry state. It was made much like a bicycle saddle from panels of rubber, or something similar, stitched together over a sprung frame. The material has perished and become brittle. It may be possible to rebuild it with leather panels. The current silencer is a replica Gold Star item and is several mm too big for the down pipe.
I rather like the flyscreen so it will stay after the restoration. I need to make a decision about the wheel rims, they are chromed 28 spoke jobs which are apparently hard to replace. I wouldn't mind going for alloy rims but I may get the originals rechromed if they don't seem to bad when I get them apart.
Repainted tank
The tank has been repainted by Alan at Lewis Templeton, it is such a beautiful job I'm really going to have to do the rest well.

I now also have the wheels laced up with new rims, the seat has been restored and I have a new silencer. Next step is to record the electrics and strip down the frame.

For more information about MVs generally see the The MV Agusta Owners Club of Great Britain web site.